HYPNOSIS 101: What Hypnosis is NOT

To begin, let's get the stereotypical misconceptions out of the way! Hypnosis is NOT going to morph you into a duck & compel you to commence clucking on command in my office or anywhere else for that matter. It is not a process by which you are put under a spell whereby you'll do things and perform acts against your will. Nor, is hypnosis dangerous or a state from which you will never return. Believe me I can relate to these fears. At one point I was subject to some of this negative hype myself...


Hypnosis paves the way for a synergestic interlacing between the conscious and subconscious minds. First the conscious/rational mind is temporarily bypassed so that the subconscious mind can make the needed modifications. Once this happens the two can work in unison to carry out the new directives. It's a lovely melding and reframing that occurs. The mind is a miraculous thing! 

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