MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE (as a Hypnosis Client):

Let me relay to you my introduction to the world & wonders of Hypnosis!  

I had a family member who had scheduled a hypnosis session and at the last minute had to back out due to illness. He asked if I'd take his place. It seemed like the right thing to do; there was no time for the hypnotist to get a fill in so I agreed; but with extreme trepidation. You see, I had a fear of the process even though I'd had no first hand experience with it. My fears were that I'd loose control, be subject to persuasion or, at the very least, not be able to be hypnotized at all!  Because of this I tried to let the hypnotist down easily...I remember saying that I didn't think it "would work", that I was a person who liked to be in control & that I was sorry because I would, in most likelihood, be wasting her time. This I professed before the session began because I didn't want to hurt her feelings! 

Well, within 5 minutes of being induced I learned, first hand, what hypnosis was about. Instead of feeling out of control & fearful I felt very much in control & quite calm. Also, I felt a sense of heightened awareness. I found I could & did converse with the hypnotist while in this altered state. I had a definite sense of my surroundings; I knew where I was. I remember wondering if i were truly "under" because it felt so natural. The only thing that was noticeably different was the fact that I couldn't open my eyes. As hard as I tried my eyes remained closed. Also, the lids felt as if they were fluttering. And so, I asked the hypnotist about this - all the while not feeling too concerned - just curious. She explained that this is a common occurrence & that it was a positive sign that I had entered a deep state of hypnosis! So, I relaxed even further & allowed the process to continue to unfold. 

It was a wonderful awakening! I found that I could tap into my calm, creative, subconscious mind in order to bring about desired changes. Once these new concepts were embraced & enhanced by my subconscious mind they could then spiral up to where my conscious mind resided and from there the two would work as a team to bring the changes to life in a seamless & effortless way! All that was needed was my desire to allow the change(s) to take place!  Healing from the INSIDE OUT took on a new dimension of meaning for me! I knew the power to effect the changes was inside of me all along. Hypnosis now gave me the tools to draw on that power! 

And if you're wondering about those shut eyes of mine, fear not! For once the session came to an end my eye were opened - literally and figuratively!