It's an.......A R T .......

Another FIND ~ Actually, it's more of an Internal Observation!

It's simple really; I truly appreciate when I feel that I'm being HEARD ~ No one need formulate a solution in order to be of assistance. The listener need not agree with what is being said; it's not about the listener. The GIFT is that the speaker feels safe to share...that his/her feelings have a safe place to "land"...

I encourage you ALL to be good LISTENERS.....Really hone your skills with this! Instead of listening, with the purpose of RESPONDING and formulating what YOU will say, JUST LISTEN! 

Listening involves more than just our Ears ~ It requires the Intelligence & Compassion of the Heart  ~

Namaste, Linneah


September 2nd .... what will I FIND today?

I believe there are all sorts of Wonders & Magic happening all around us in every moment of every day! The Trick is to be in the Mindset to See, Feel, Experience & NOTICE them ~

May I be OPEN & HOPEFUL...and WILLING to CLEAR a SPACE for these MIRACLES to find a place within ME! 

MayYOUR days be filled with these ALIGNMENTS!

Namaste, Linneah

KINDA NUTTY ~ September FIRST, 2018 !

Today's FIND is Short & Sweet, in a NUTSHELL, literally!

As I looked out my porch door to greet the day, I HEARD THE FIRST ACORN OF THE SEASON  FALL TO EARTH!!! (Well, that's how it felt to me :) MONUMENTAL!)

I heard the Sharp Snapping Sound as it touched down onto the side walk; then the BOUNCE &  Summersaulting acrobatics as it found its perfect spot to settle  ~

May your day be filled with Wonder & Many FINDS!



CONNECT ~ ~ ~ ~

I used to feel so separated from the World & from People! I perceived a Thick Metal Barrier around each of us and that barrier served a great purpose! It protected and kept me Safe from the unknown, from misunderstandings, from people's anger; the uncertainty, unpredictability of people! That barrier made me feel less fearful; made me feel more Protected! 

But, how safe was I really? I was an Island, floating in a Sea of  Millions of Islands. Never touching shores for fear of sinking...One can fool oneself into this false sense of security for a life time OR one can jump into the Sea and EXPERIENCE the waves, the dark waters below, the sea weed that gets caught on the toes, AND the glittering peaks of the wave's Crests as the sun sparkles upon it, the hummmm of the sea and its rhythm, the amazing way it HOLDS YOU UP if ONLY you RELAX & TRUST! All these things make the SWIM so much more of a LURE :) than keeping the Tootsies dry on that Isolating sand ~ ~ ~ 

NOW, I've grown in my beliefs. I've made a Conscience Decision to change! NOW, I anticipate Joyful Exchanges and that is what greets me ~ and so much more! I truly see "strangers" as distant relatives or friends I haven't seen in awhile!  I WELCOME each encounter as a way to get "reacquainted"~

When you start up a conversation, decide to be totally PRESENT in it. When you Open your Heart to this new Family Member your Fear just Leaves, there's no place for it anymore! In the warmth of that MEETING of SOULS the Fear just melts. It's no longer NEEDED...

I met a "family member" yesterday...I looked into his eyes; saw and appreciated him! And I felt such a rush of kinship! It lasted only a minute or so and we will probably never meet again. But, the Experience was Real & the Connection was Real and I know THAT will stay with me forever! I am so GRATEFUL that now instead of Thick Metal Barriers I see WELCOME  signs!

THAT is my FIND & Share for this day! I'd love to hear about yours ~ In our SHARED ONENESS, Linneah


COLORFUL Reminders ~

The Summer Season on Long Island this year has been unusually Hot and Humid; I feel like I've been transported to Florida's Gulf Coast each time I venture out my front door :) It's not so much that the Intense Temperatures can be oppressive but the fact that they are rolling out, one upon the other, for weeks on end ~ without relief! 

Now, for my GRATITUDE "FIND"  ~

Most recently, as I boldly place my feet on this scorching landscape, in an attempt to take a walk in the woods or a stroll at a nearby Lake to visit my bird friends & chat with the squirrels, I have come upon a COLORFUL sight! Dotted here and there are Vivid Visions, like Mirages in the Desert! Visions of Crimson Reds, Soulful Oranges, Happy Yellows and Rusty Browns! Gracing the Earth are glimpses of things to come...COOLER things to come...It's in the Beautiful form of our Beloved AUTUMN LEAVES!  

Beloved Summer thank you for your Lessons of Patience and Hope of things yet to come!


Give GRATITUDE a GO >>>>>>>>>>>

OK, we all know we have to deal with the Challenges that creep into the normal aspects of living life on planet Earth. The trial and tribs that make up the Ebb & Flow we call "a day in the life...". We can't ignore these Challenging issues and shouldn't...they actually have a grander, Higher, purpose ( but more on that at a later date). For now let's just say "We have to deal"...The trick is to deal in a healthy way and then move on! And there comes the rub...Sometimes we mere mortals have a tendency, and a very unhealthy way, of replaying over and over again the darker moments; getting  Stuck in this land of "woah is me". SO, let's take some steps to get us up and out of that pit, shall we? I know I hear a resounding, YES!!!

First, take a DEEP BREATH...ok, now we're ready :)  All throughout the day FIND something to focus on that will bring you JOY & then give THANKS for this one, solitary moment, of clarity. I say, FIND, because you are on a mission to uncover the hidden GEMS that sprinkle themselves all around us EACH moment of EVERY day! 

Here's mine for today...and I know I will uncover many more... but for now here is my one GEM!

* I bent down to kiss my newly adopted cat good morning (we're still getting to know one another). She was reclining in her little perch hammock that's suction cupped to the window. And TODAY she gave me a Wonderful GIFT! She, very gently, placing her paw on top of my was such a sweet & loving gesture; one she'd not done before...And inside I could feel my GRATITUDE & JOY RISING! 


Now, it's your turn.....1,2, 3....GO >>>>>>>>>>>            In Gratitude, Linneah

FEAR = An Incorrectly HELD BELIEF that simply needs Re-examining

Once you learn to look at your FEARS as a series of INCORRECT & SELF LIMITING BELIEFS you will EAGERLY enjoy seeing EACH one of them dissolve into the ether;  into a faint shadow that is carried off with the dawning of the Light. And that incoming Light is YOU; growing ever stronger as your Clarity of Knowing expands! You'll find that the only power your "fears" EVER had over you was the power that you'd erroneously GIVEN to them!

TAKE BACK YOUR POWER, NOW! And in doing so you become TRANSFORMED!  This is an Act of Great Love...Love for Yourself! 

Once you see & understand your Fear for what it is it will loose it's HOLD on you! HYPNOSIS can assist you in forming new pathways of Thinking & Responding...Old, knee jerk, reactions don't have to continue to be your pattern....Learn to develop new THOUGHT PROCESSES...Learn to DIRECT you Life rather than having your life direct YOU! 

It's exciting to know that YOU HAVE THE POWER to make POSITIVE CHANGES in your LIFE...So, what are you waiting for? Let's get STARTED!


Neutralize Negative People's Impact on You!

Have you ever encountered people who you swear have no moral compass, no connection to their Higher, loving, Inner Wisdom ? Those individuals whose only concern is for SELF? Those possessing no inner compassion or insight into how their behaviors and actions impact those around them? Well, this question is redundant because, unfortunately, we can ALL answer YES to it!

The first thing to realize is that we can not change other people's behavior or "will" them into having a conscience. All we can do is protect ourselves from their barbs and cruelty. How? By understanding that WE are in control of how THEY impact US! We can hold onto the pain they so vehemently try to inflict or we can see it for what it is; which is a form of control usually stemming from a lack of self love and deeply rooted in insecurity. Once we see it for what it truly is we can develop compassion. That's not to say we ALLOW it into our lives. No, we simply acknowledge it and move beyond it...not taking it personally...though personal it may feel!

The second step in moving beyond and through this type of onslaught is to RELEASE IT ! Don't give it a chance to take ROOT in your psyche or your being! Here is where Hypnosis can play a VITAL role! Through Hypnosis you can TRAIN YOUR MIND, your consciousness-via your subconscious, to see the stress producing Fall-Out as simply a thought, producing an emotion, that can be changed, re-worked, and rendered neutral...Through the power of re-training your mind you can put a healthy "distance" between the negativity being vented and the way it is process into YOUR energy field!

Put the Power of Your Mind to a most beneficial use! Free yourself from the cycle of feeling helpless &  powerless....Retain your compassion and step into your Power!

Call today to begin this beautiful process of freedom......"Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!"






What in the world is meant by that Topic title? Well, in fact it's meant to shake up our brains a bit; to question our rigidly held beliefs! We all need a good shake, rattle & roll now & then, right!? What I'd like to propose is that we stop making those preliminary "sketches" for our lives...honing each line & curve to perfection; then trying with all our might to confine ourselves, our ideas & actions to stay within those pre-determined boundaries...We dare not set foot, let alone toe, over that "line" which, at this point, has become a towering barrier as thick and as wide as... well, you get my point.

You see having too fine a point on that pencil of ours can cause us a lot of unnecessary frustration...The more we try to attain that model of perfection we've drawn for ourselves the more we seem to fall short! 

A better option is to lose those lines all together-in fact ditch that pencil! The key is to just let go...Let your heart & inner voice direct your journey. Let your ideas be fluid and flow forth gently.....

I believe that these frustrations & supposed failings are not failures or misses of the mark at all. But, are in fact, a kindly nudge to ourselves to release those preconceived concepts....our erroneous beliefs of how we THINK our lives SHOULD look. These "failings", which are Gifts in disguise, give us the opportunity to re-VIEW our Life. They ALLOW us to re-examine & re-imagine our world without those neat & tidy, YET horrifically constricting, borders! 

When we permit ourselves to look at our world from Above & Beyond those self imposed lines we gain a more encompassing perspective....NOT knowing what comes next allows for total Creativity in the PRESENT moment! When we CHOOSE to see our world as a prestine, clean, sheet of paper that stretches out endlessly before us, with nary a pencil in sight, we become truly FREE! With no "boundaries" there are NO limits!!!! Think about that.....FREE up your mind so YOU can become LIMITLESS.....

Put Hypnosis to work for you.....Linneah



When I tell people I'm a Hypnotist the one question that is always asked is: "What is Hypnosis used for?" Now, that's a question that is vastly huge in its scope & so vitally Important to understand! Because that's the crux of it really, isn't it? The remarkable thing about Hypnosis is that it can address almost any issue you can imagine...But, the one I'd like to speak on today is that of GRIEF.

Grief is something that, if left to ruminate, can shadow you your whole life. When a wound finds its way deep into your Being, your Soul, there's a chance that a premature "healing over" at the surface level may occur. This happens when we tell ourselves that... "We have to get on with things! Time to embrace & work through our pain later". And, perhaps for a while, the wounded, traumatized area (self), may LOOK healed, it may even FEEL healed. But,  the fact is, the unaddressed pain below the surface will never get the chance to mend to its fullest potential unless we allow ourselves to dive beneath that pristine surface and see what's struggling below!

This is where Hypnosis can be of great use! So much of our pain is deliberately stifled, stuffed down; repressed so deeply that we feel we may never be able to reach it let alone heal it...But, in using Hypnosis we are gently guided down to where the subconscious mind resides. It is here (in this environ that holds no judgement, no guilt nor barriers to trip us up or wade through) that we can begin the healing process. In this neutral, loving space, we can do the work; allowing our Entire Being to become whole and healed and free at last!

Our true state is that of Balance & Harmony...Our Soul and Spirit


Here's a very interesting and mind expanding hypnosis case study I'd like to share:

A woman presented to her Hypnotist with chronic/recurring, severe, back pain. She'd been to her Family practitioner who ordered x-rays and then an MRI to scan for structural abnormalities & dysfunctions in the area of complaint. All of the test came back negative. They showed no herniations, subluxations or impingements that would result in all the pain she said she was experiencing!

Having ruled out all possibilities for her pain via the usual medical routes the woman sought alternative methods in an attempt to find the cause of her ongoing back pain! She was desperate at this point!

So, here she sat, in the Hypnotist's chair hoping that this, non-medical approach, might work in bringing her some physical relief. 

A brief overview of the session : During her Past Life Regression session the client saw herself as a woman living with her husband under very trying circumstances. He was a violent man & abusive towards her. One day, during an escalating argument, the woman turned & tried to flee...In the heat of it all her husband pulled out a knife & fatally stab her (his wife) in the back! This was the missing piece, the breakthrough, that facilitated her healing!

The Hypnotist explained to the client that this incident was in her PAST LIFE & that it could no longer influence, impact, or have power over her PRESENT LIFE!. Because she could now see the ROOT CAUSE for her pain, because it was finally understood, she could RELEASE IT & LET IT GO! And so she did-the woman saw her PAIN for what it was; saw that it had no place in her current incarnation & with that revelation she was then able to RELEASE IT from her present reality! Her Spirit, Mind & Inner Being needed to be healed in order for the physical manifestation ( her pain) to dissipate!

After her hypnotic session the client's pain was finally FREED from her body! In understanding her past she was freed to live in the PRESENT!

It's Amazing what you can accomplish under Hypnosis! Experience this transforming process for yourself!

Namaste, Linneah Dalmus, CH


I'm very excited to announce that in December I'll be offering PAST LIFE REGRESSION Sessions at my private practice, LD Hypnosis! PLR is a Powerful Tool for understanding & utilizing our past life experiences to effect POSITIVE CHANGES in our PRESENT! PLR can be used for many purposes: To learn WHY we are attracted to or drawn to certain people, professions & life choices, why some things, talents, may come to us so very easily, why we experience "Deja Vue", how past life illnesses and circumstances surrounding our prior "deaths" can impact & influence our health & lives NOW.  There are endless avenues to explore & uncover with this technique. I look forward to working with you towards UNLOCKING YOUR PAST TO FREE UP YOUR PRESENT!  Linneah


As I go about each day I try to engage people in a chat about Hypnosis. I like to find out their thoughts as it pertains to this still, often times, misunderstood gem of a tool for growth & enlightenment! For the most part I'm finding that people are interested in Hypnosis but haven't yet gotten to the point of booking an appointment in order to see what all the fuss is about....

The general public is only now beginning to recognize the connection between the mind, the body & the quality of one's LIFE! It's a hard thing to wrap your mind around....the idea that if you CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS you can actually CHANGE YOUR LIFE! It's a mental OWNERSHIP of one's circumstances, health & well-being. Humans always want the quick fix; wanting the problem to be fixed immediately by someone or something outside of themselves. This way we can fool ourselves into believing that we are not responsible for whatever befalls us or how we manage the fall out.

What we need to embrace is the fact that WE have the POWER to redirect, re-edit, revamp and restore OURSELVES...It's a hard "true-ism" to digest. But, once we accept this, that the course of our lives and our bodies is, and has always been, under our control we can then embrace the FREEDOM & POWEER that has always been ours! The "work" is hard to do but we are the ones who have the ultimate CONTROL in all aspects of our existence!

 ISN'T THAT A FANTASTIC REALIZATION? OK, so who, NOW, wants to book a session? I'm ready for your call....


Blog-Day 3

Something that keeps coming up over & over again when the topic of Hypnosis is discussed is the word FEAR...A client will say that he/she has wanted to come in for a session for a long time but that the FEAR of going UNDER has kept them from booking an appointment.You know, this phrase "going under" is usually linked with and used in the arena of surgery & all things hospital & sterile. Yet, unfortunately, it's found its way into the verbiage of the HYPNOSIS dialogue & mindset. It's true enough that while in the Hypnotic state you can extract unwanted thoughts & ideas from your subconscious & replace them with healthy, life supporting, choices. But, the process is pain free and requires no anesthesia :) The truth is is that YOU hypnotize YOU! The Hypnotist is the facilitator and is trained in getting you to the depths of your subconscious-that beautiful & malleable place where lasting changes can be envisioned & created. But, it is YOU who allows this to happen! You are in control...For more on this misunderstood topic please check out my website...I have a personal Hypnosis story there that's waiting for you to will open the eyes & mind to the reality of what hypnosis is & is not....Namaste, Linneah

Blog-day 2

Here we go with Blog #2. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's little ditty alluding to Flight & the Vastness Above.

As promised, today I'll dip my toes a bit deeper into the Blogging arena....Dipping will take on a greater meaning in a moment.

As I awoke this morning a vision/poem gave itself to me & so I put pen to paper & give it now, as a gift, to you.

Title:   LEARN to be...F L U I D

When the Storm Waters Rise:  Learn to FLY ABOVE it...Learn to FLOAT UPON it...or Learn to SWIM WITHIN it....

Namaste, Linneah




Loving Hypnosis-My first ever Blog!

C o n t a c t, here we go...let's see if this Blogging venture takes flight & wings its way into your line of sight. I'll keep it short & sweet on my first solo flight...HYPNOSIS WORKS! How's that for concise? More to follow.....just dipping the toes in before I take the BLOG PLUNGE :)