What Issues Can Hypnosis Address?

The two that come to mind most easily are: Smoking Cessation & Weight Loss. But, truly, the list is LIMITLESS! Below I've listed a few more to give you an idea of the scope & applications that Hypnosis can address .

Fear of Flying/Fear of Public Speaking/Fear of Social Situations/Breaking Unwanted Habits/Nail Biting/Test Anxiety/Retrieve Suppressed Memories/Pain/Bed Wetting/Increase Self Confidence/Enhance Memory/Enhance Athletic Performance/Weight Gain/Situational Stress & Melancholia/Increase Relaxation/Obsessive Compulsive Behavior/Any Behavior Modification/Increase Your Levels of Patience/etc...What others can you think of? 

Any issues you'd like to: Change, Decrease, Increase or Modify can be helped using Hypnosis! I'd say that covers pretty much everything, wouldn't you?